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Finally, you can raid Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, Amazon, and eBay's keyword coffers for the actual Buyer Searches in any niche!

Fact: SEO isn't hard with the right keywords

Reality: Most marketers target the wrong keywords

Buyers think DIFFERENTLY

To succeed in pulling free high-quality traffic from search engines, you need to focus on the right keywords. You need to avoid wasting time and money, and instead target high-converting search terms buyers use to find products and services.

When someone is ready to buy, they use different terms to find what they're looking for. Buyers are past the information-gathering stage...they know what they want and they're ready to make a purchase. Isn't this the type of visitors you want to your website?

Pick keyword fights you can win!

The beautiful thing about buyer phrases, is that there is actually less competition for these keywords. The reason is that these phrases, along with brand, product, service, and local searches are further down the "long tail" of the keyword search graph.

In other words, there are less SEOs optimizing for specific buyer phrases than more general terms. This is your opportunity to rank high for lucrative phrases and draw in buyer traffic.

Different search engines,
different keywords

It's a huge (and common) mistake to rely on just one search engine for your keyword research. Most SEOs dig around in Google's Keyword Planner, or use a tool that connects to it. But if you look beyond Google, you'll find even more keywords!

Here are the top 10 suggested results for the term "bicycle" from the top 6 search engines:

(I drew the green lines to show
you the unique search phrases.)

Google results

Bing results

eBay results

Youtube results

Amazon results

Yahoo results

Of these 60 results, over 30% of them were unique to the particular search engine!

If you're relying solely on Google for your keywords, you're missing out of a wealth of actual real-world search phrases.

You can do all of your keyword research with KeywordTapp!

Here's how easy it is...

Step 1: Enter keyword & get results from 6 search engines

KeywordTapp connects you to Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, Amazon, and eBay’s search engines. By giving you results from these seven different websites, you are stacking the deck in your favor to create a truly complete keyword list.

Pulling actual user-generated keywords from the top 6 search engines will provide you with thousands of targeted buyer keywords in seconds.

Step 2: Go deep, deep, deep in any niche

Continue to drill down into any keyword result, or use KeywordTapp’s built-in keyword modifiers to extract the long-tail phrases that get you inside a searcher’s head. Long-tail phrases are easier to compete for, and tend to be more targeted and better converting.

These are the Questions people ask; the “Buy Now” words they use; the exact phrases they use to gather information on your niche. The long-tail is where the profit is!

Step 3: See the trends to determine interest

A quick indicator of search volume is Google Trends. With a click, view any keyword in Google Trends to see the historical (and present) relevance of any keyword. Avoid focusing on “dying” keywords and ensure your keywords are solid from the start.

Step 4: Save everything, Export at will

None of your research will be wasted. KeywordTapp will save all of your keyword searches and analysis to your account so you can retrieve everything for comparison later.

You can also export your keywords and analysis into .CSV files for easy tracking and reporting.

Here are just some of the ways you can use KeywordTapp...

Web-based application, nothing to download

As long as you have an internet connection and a browser, you can use KeywordTapp. You don’t have to worry about what type of computer you use, or whether extra “goodies” are being added to your computer. Simply log-in with any browser and get started!

Instant Product Searches

There's a good chance you want to sell something to your site visitors. KeywordTapp also has custom search function of the ClickBank and Amazon Marketplace databases. This gives you the ability to quickly identify both digital and physical products with the click of a button.

With KeywordTapp you can...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use KeywordTapp for clients?

Absolutely! This is an unrestricted license. Use KeywordTapp however you choose.

Is there anything to download?

KeywordTapp is web-based, so there's nothing to download except your CSV files.